Virtual Teaching Assistant

Do your students and faculty struggle to have an effective online learning experience? Do they have challenges using the technology associated with online learning? 


Are you looking for a partner to staff critical resources to timely scale and meet immediate and pressing needs. We can HELP!

Our Virtual Teaching Assistants (VTAs) are experienced in online teaching and can deliver instructions, grade assignments, and collaborate with the faculty to assist.

Based on the suggested schedule, the VTAs can either self-initiate the outreach to students within a course or collaborate with the faculty to assist them in undertaking various tasks.VTAs complete student achievement and progress reports and document the classroom experience to ensure quality control.

 A Virtual Teaching Assistant (VTA) can facilitate the classroom experience to ensure a quality educational environment for the instructor and students. 

What does a VTA do?

increasing human interaction in the online classroom


Deliver high-quality one-to-one and small group support using structured interventions. Performs course content support tasks, leading to student retention and engagement—functions as an extension to the faculty and works as a resource in self-enrolled or self-paced courses.


Our VTAs have expertise in course content, the ability to provide exceptional student support, excellent time management, and organizational skills. They can troubleshoot and thrive in a fast-paced virtual education environment. They can work effectively in a remote/virtual workplace.


Our VTAs can either work on your LMS or can be staffed on our Platform as well. An assigned Project Manager ensures scheduling, regular check-ins and replacements, and bench-management for quick VTA replacements. Periodic reporting on schedules, 'No-Shows,' Mitigations including student engagement metrics are shared regularly. We maintain open communication for any ongoing queries/questions. Student achievement data supports all instructional decisions.


Facilitate the online experience to ensure a quality environment for the instructor and students. Coordinate with technical help desk on student tech support issues. Execute presentations and webinars via web-conferencing tools.

How it Works


An initial set-up meeting before the start of the virtual-sessions will ensure that VTA captures all the inputs about staffing challenges, schedules, turn around times, syllabus, learning outcomes, student concerns/questions across various topics, learning objects that will need specific focus.
VTAs can also work in an asynchronous environment.


The VTAs are provided access to content/textbook and digital resources currently referred or delivered to the students in the classroom. These resources can also be procured or sourced by us to speed the process.


The sessions can either be scheduled by the student directly or scheduled by our project lead in consultation with the school. Once the hiring has been completed, a scheduling calendar will be provided by Focus Eduvation.


VTA services are delivered asynchronously and synchronously.
While our VTAs will be able to undertake synchronous sessions and execute sessions as contracted between Focus EduVation and the school, they can also be staffed to respond pro-actively to students via asynchronous sessions. This will also involve grading assignments, interacting on discussion forums, amongst others.
All synchronous sessions are delivered through a voice and chat-based session. Students can submit their questions in advance, though that is not necessary. However, it will enable the VTA to be prepped in advance before the weekly–group/ on-demand session.

Vik Aurora
Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Let us help you retain and engage your student with Virtual Teaching Assistants. VTAs promote a better learning experience for the students they encounter.

Email: vik@focuseduvation.com

Phone: 617-838-8012

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