Solutions for Publishers

While the rest of the media world turns to digital solutions for more robust programming, educational publishers must follow suit to make learning applicable to learners in a technological world.

Though exercises in textbooks do provide relevant opportunities for understanding concepts, learners have developed new requirements that match the varied and seamlessly integrated nature of the digital age–requirements that are not met by text alone. 

At Focus Eduvation, we will help to create solutions that will deliver traditional content in a new and engaging way to meet the dynamic needs of the publishing industry.

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Real Time Data Analysis

Pearson My EconLab
Personalized learning experiences to improve results for each student.
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Focus EduVation | Virtual Labs

Virtual Labs

Lab Simulations: Interactive experiments undertaken via lab simulations. The sample has been presented as a video for demonstration. Lab Simulation - Walkthrough

Marketing Videos

A division of a leading publishing house came to Focus Eduvation when they needed a video teaser to excite interest in the theme of their upcoming Bible Summer School. The resulting animation is colorful and playful—just the right combination to stimulate interest in this highly anticipated theme.

Focus EduVation | Marketing Videos
Focus EduVation | Decision Based Simulations

Decision-Based Simulations

These simulations are used for analyzing cognitive behaviors in various simulated real world scenarios. Decision simulations can be used as effective tools to prep managers and students in a classroom, and to face the real world situations more effectively.


Interactive Learning Objects

This interactive learning object was designed with interactivity, assessments and an engaging content.


Focus EduVation | Interactive Learning Objects

Scalable Rapid Deployment

From planning through production, we can deliver a professional fully developed course in 60-90 days. 


Budget Friendly

Our clients love us for delivering quality projects on-time and on-budget every time! 

A few clients...


Tom Kulesa, Lead Product Designer

John Wiley and Sons Publishers 


I have had the opportunity to work with Vik on a number of different projects — all focused on evolving text—based learning content toward digital learning platforms. Consistently, Vik has presented me with stunningly creative strategies, fresh, dynamic and engaging presentation styles, all the time maintaining the pedagogical integrity of the content. With each new project I present to Vik, I’m amazed at the ideas he brings to the table. Vik and his team are true innovators. I recommend him highly.

Working with Publishers

Focus EduVation has worked diligently to cement a position as the thought leader in the field of e-Learning–a work ethic that shines through in each of our projects. As a collaborative team, we will help to create solutions that will deliver traditional content in a new and engaging way to meet the dynamic needs of the publishing industry.

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