End of an Era

2020 will mark an end of an era for Flash, but one that feels like it has been a long time coming. HTML5 standards have been implemented across all modern web browsers, and the need for Flash just isn’t there anymore. An end to Flash will bring with it obvious improvements in security and just pure battery life on laptops and other mobile devices that still support the web technology.

Our HTML 5 experts can help you with: 

  • HTML5 Interactives
  • HTML5 Conversion Activities (Repurposing Flash to HTML5)
  • HTML5 Games where content is created directly in HTML5/JavaScript

We undertake an architecture analysis of the legacy Flash content. Following this, we reconstruct the architecture in HTML5/JavaScript. While redoing the interactivities, we look for opportunities to enhance the functionality and improve the overall performance.

HTML Conversion Considerations

So you should just find an online conversion tool and upload the content, right? Wrong, because you are putting your intellectual property at risk. A lot of online programs hide specific legalese in their terms of service that grant them the ownership of the content that you upload in exchange for the conversion. This happens often with online PDF converters.

Another factor is the content and the layout. Most simple converters will miss or mash together the content and file structure in order to compress the file and make it easier to upload and download. There’s no assurance extra code isn’t injected creating a backdoor vulnerability that can be exploited in the future.

You need to work with professionals that can help plan your HTML5 conversion properly. This means protecting your intellectual property maintaining course structure you’ve worked hard to create.