Custom Content Created to Your Specifications

At Focus EduVation, we build custom digital content. This includes interactive training content, videos, simulations, and virtual labs. We have a dedicated team building custom digital training assets at a rapid pace and within your budget. Enclosed are a few samples for your reference, as you consider exploring ways in which we may be able to partner.

Here's Why

  • Our inhouse media development teams work with minimal input and valuable client-resources.
  • From converting case studies, employee-handbooks, employee-induction/orientation manuals, sales, and process training materials, to name a few, we can digitize them easily, and do it all.
  • Our ability includes creating relevant real-world scenarios and decision-based simulations, with a strong focus on experiential learning within the content.

Disruptive Innovation
@ Southwest Airlines

Cantex New Employee
Training Program

Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Training @ Whirlpool

HR Management
Training @ Google

Software Training
at ADP

Emergency Management
Contingency Planning


Economic Indicators
for Dummies