Course Development and Instructional Design Services

Great instructional design is critical for the development of today's online courses. Focus EduVaton provides high quality instructional design and course development services to your college or university.

We employ a combination of personalized service, deep learner experiences, as well as project management to ensure your faculty feels relaxed and managed during the instructional design process. The designers are passionate about developing engaging, student-centered learning environments that unlock potential for online learning. 

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Rapid Deployment

From planning through production, we can deliver a professional fully developed course in 60-90 days. 


We offer various pricing structures contingent on complexity and duration. All projects are standard with instructional designers and project manager.



Each course has a three month warranty with a full service 24X7 technical support help desk. 

Radiography Recertification

The purpose of radiography certification is to recognize individuals qualified to perform the role of radiographer. Certification and registration courses requires satisfaction of certain professional standards in medical imaging, interventional procedures, or radiation therapy. 


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Drug Administration
Branding Simulation

Business Simulations

Business simulations provide learners with the opportunity to practice and learn… by applying new ideas and concepts into a relevant business systems that emulate their real-world environment. Our highly interactive and collaborative tools significantly improve the virtual learning experience by allowing learners to test ideas, experiment with decision-making, interact with team cohort members, and visually see the immediate effects on the simulated business performance.

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Faculty Training and Onboarding

Videos are an incredible vehicle to help new employees have a successful onboarding experience or assist an employee with learning new skills. We create videos to support everyone across your organization get excited working at your institution!

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Faculty Training and Onboarding


Hours of Course Content Built


Courses Built


Simulations Built


Hours of Custom Content Built

Accessible, WCAG 2.0, and
Section 508 Compliant

All courses are built using the principles
of Universal Design for Learning.


APEX 2019 Award of Excellence

Story-Based Learning

Apex 2018 Award of Excellence

Online Course Creation

APEX 2020 Grand Award Winners

Learning Design

Since the beginning our partnership, Focus EduVation has met and far surpassed my expectations of working with industry-leading eLearning experts. Focus EduVation's expertise makes this educational partnership one that benefits everyone, and improves the learning experience for our students. Focus EduVation takes the time to learn your needs, develop a solution, and provide high quality results. Their team is easy to work with, and delivers work in a timely fashion that far exceeds expectations. Focus EduVation regularly provides updates, and is always available to answer any questions. I highly recommend engaging with Focus EduVation if you are looking for innovative eLearning solutions.

Robert Knops, Assistant Vice President
Rasmussen College - Bloomington, Minnesota

I have had the opportunity to work with Vik on a number of different projects — all focused on evolving text—based learning content toward digital learning platforms. Consistently, Vik has presented me with stunningly creative strategies, fresh, dynamic and engaging presentation styles, all the time maintaining the pedagogical integrity of the content. With each new project I present to Vik, I’m amazed at the ideas he brings to the table. Vik and his team are true innovators. I recommend him highly.


Tom Kulesa, Lead Product Designer
John Wiley and Sons Publishers

Cambridge College has embarked on a large-scale expansion of its online offerings in preparation for launching fully online degree programs. Focus EduVation has played a pivotal role in developing many of the new courses rolled out in the past 18 months. Working in conjunction with CC faculty reviewers, courses have been prepared that capture the essence of each lesson and engage students with the subject matter. The Cambridge College "marriage” of CC faculty and the Focus EduVation production teams has produced excellent results, helping to propel our online courses to new heights in terms of enrollment and student success.

Dr. Michael Marrapodi, Dean of Online Programming
Cambridge College - Boston, Massachusetts

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