Course Development Services

We create 1000's of courses, each year. Our expert team is well-versed in developing content, integrating technology, and building a professionally planned course.

Course Development and Enhancement Services 

Our course development team is dedicated to helping clients in higher education solve their specific instructional challenges. Some of our services include: 
  • Learning Needs Assessment and Competency Based Education Course/Program Evaluation Check

  • Scenarios and Simulations for Course Enhancement

  • Curriculum and Academic Research Services

  • Program design, development, and management services to provide an online learning environment with sound pedagogical practices, progressive technology, interactivity, device compatibility, technical support, and future enhancements.

  • Curriculum and content development services aligned with the college/university, state, and federal accreditation standards

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Course Development

Custom Simulations, Scenarios, and Video Content!


Vik Aurora

Senior Vice President - Strategic Partnerships

Let us produce well-crafted, personalized, and high-performance course developments for your college or university.

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